Brochure Design


These designs were bland and simple originally. However, in the revised version, the designer used color to make the object more visually appealing and different colors to make it easier on the eyes. However, the design kept with a color scheme, and it was repeated throughout the brochure. Paragraphs were lined up so that they were not scattered randomly about the page, making it much easier to be read and understand what goes together and what does not.


Packaging Purchase


I don’t really base my purchase off of packaging, but more off of content. However, if the box is simply appealing with say a picture of the product, I’m more likely to purchase it. Anything with a picture of chocolate is more likely to grab my attention than something healthy, since I don’t typically eat healthy foods. If it’s just a box though, I’m not as likely to want to look at it because it doesn’t immediately present something I’m interested in.